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Personal projects often grow from a combination of opportunity and curiosity. In the case of street photography, other factors play a role in the creation of this small selection. I have always had deep interest in the history of all types of photography. One of my favorite photographers, Garry Winogrand, produced an incredible body of […]

Reconstructed Landscapes


Fake Ads

Fake Ads is a commentary on my earlier career as a commercial/editorial photographer. In this on-going project, the work references aspects of the advertising world and the use of talent to project a certain type of individual representing by a particular client’s vision of their product or service. Having participated in these projects as a […]

Big Squares

A photograph is a visual epigram, offering a single thought or statement. I have removed the constraints of a traditionally created likeness, instead offering an abstract, digitally deconstructed arrangement of my identity. My self-portraits are shaped by the action and interplay with other layers just as our actual physical appearances are shaped by choices and interactions […]

Big Square Sex

Big Square Friends

As an artist, I use my photography to explore everything around me. In fact, my friends and fellow students have often suggested that photography is my primary means of communicating. I attempt, as Henri Cartier-Bresson suggested, “…to grasp the interior silence of a willing victim…” How much more difficult is it to peer through the […]


Having lived for much of my life on the Third Coast, as Lake Michigan is often referred to by Chicagoans, have always had a deep admiration for the tradition of those that choose to spend their summers covering the 26 miles of lakefront. In particular, Chicago lifeguards watch over the lives of swimmers, tourists, surfers and waders in pools and […]


While everyone knows the huge amusement parks scattered across the country, Chicago has a long history of festivals and carnivals sponsored by local churches and community organizations. While not as new and polished as the giant roller coasters in the theme parks, the noise, lights and color of these spinning, whirling rides still provide a kaleidoscope of sensory […]